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VD/VOD Furnace

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                                                                                           100T VOD Furnace





In recent years, secondary vacuum refining technique gets popular and further developed. The heart of global metallurgical industry has transferred from quantitative to be variety diversification and high quality. The super purity index ( total [H][N][O][S][P] get 50ppm,or even lower) reflects the quality of product, The effective way to achieve super purity index is secondary vacuum refining technique. There are many ways of secondary vacuum refining, the most popular ways are:1, VD- ladle vacuum refining process.2, VOD- vacuum oxygen decarburization ladle vacuum refining process. 

VD/VOD ladle vacuum refining process strengthens blowing argon reasonably on the bottom of furnace; it can stir molten steel adequately and get ideal dynamics effect. If combining VD and LF, the furnace can get ideal molten steel refining temperature with easy structure and low cost. Both of the above process can dehydrogenize, denitrify, desulfurize, deoxidize under vacuum conditions and get the function of Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization (VOD) to achieve the purpose of refining super pure steel.

Vacuum pump system is the main equipment of vacuum refining device. Base on our ten years’ experience of test research and generalized application, two series products – “Full steam jet vacuum pump system” and “Steam jet + water ring vacuum pump system” had formed. “Full steam jet vacuum pump series” uses a certain pressure water steam and cooling water as working medium of the pump, “Steam jet +water ring vacuum pump system” uses a certain steam pressure, less water steam and cooling water as working medium, and consume few electricity. The steam consumption of “Full steam jet vacuum pump” is relative high, and need to equip with bigger boiler, but the cost of vacuum pump itself is lower. The steam consumption of “Steam jet +water ring vacuum pump system” is relative low, and can equip with a smaller boiler, but the vacuum equipment itself cost higher. So the total invest cost of above system is basically consistent, both is satisfied the requirement of producing molten steel by secondary vacuum refining.

Our company is a Key enterprise and professional manufacturer of steam jet vacuum pump and whole vacuum equipments in China, and we are also the first corporation of design and produce VD/VOD Vacuum refining equipment and VC Vacuum Cast Equipment in China. Up to now, we had designed and produced more than 180 sets VD/VOD, RH vacuum refining equipment, VC vacuum casting equipment for more than 100 companies. All these equipment meet the requirements of design and well received by the end user.