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Hot Rolling Mill



Wire rod mill/ wire rod block mill 


Steel rolling procedure: 

Parameter of steel wire rod production line: 

Raw material : From 60*60 up to 200*200 billets 

Finished products :(5.516mm) 


Annual capacity :50,000 up to 500,000tons


We are not only provide the common steel rolling mill production line ,but also provide the advanced high speed technical for the wire rod ,special in the block Mills / Finishing mill /mono-block mill . 

Details Description of finishing mill group:  

Finishing mill group is composed of top crossed 45°high-speed wire-rod finishing mills.The finishing mill group is located in high-speed wire-rod workshop.Through several unit rack the continuous micro-tension rolling mill will be transported upstream Ø17 ~Ø21mm of rolling, rolling become Ø5.5 ~ Ø16mm finished wire. The working speed of 90m/s,135m/s etc. 


Structural characteristics of finishing mill

composition form to achieve no twisting, no contact axis, little axis and shock for equipment, besides, it decrease the center of gravity height, the stability increased as well, while, the total weigh has decrease and it is very easy to maintain. Ten stands are concentrated transmission.°●Mill stand use top crossed 45

● Roll frame is composed of roller box, bevel gearbox and spare parts of bevel gearbox.

● Roller box and bevel gearbox adopt outside combinational instruction,

● Roller loop is tungsten carbide, it is connected on the cantilever roll shaft, we use the specific hydraulic changing roll equipment to replace roll loop, it is convenient and easy. 


Parameters :

Material specification


Material temperature


Produce specification


The kinds of rolling steel

Carbon steel, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, high-quality   carbon structural steel

Speed of the exit of tenth frame