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Calcium Carbide Furnace

What is Calcium CarbideIt’s chemical name is calcium acetylide, molecular formula is CaC2, the appearance is gray, brown and yellow, black or brown bulk solid, it is the basic raw material in Synthetic Organic Chemistry industry. Use calcium carbide as raw material, we can compose a series of organic compound and provide the raw material for industry, agriculture and medicine.

Main Application:

1. Calcium carbide can react with water and produce acetylene , the acetylene can compose many kinds of organic compound, such as synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, acetone, olefine ketone and carbon black, etc. Acetylene oxygen flame is widely used in metal welding and cutting.

2. While heating powdered calcium carbide and nitrogen, they react to produce calcium cyanamide, in other words is lime nitrogen. Heat the lime nitrogen and table salt to form calcium and sodium cyanides mixture, it usually be used in gold mining and heavy non-ferrous metal.

3. The calcium carbide can be used as desulphurizer in steel industry.

Production technology of calcium carbide: Generally, we often use electrothermal process to produce calcium carbide, namely, calcium lime and carbonaceous material (charred coal, anthracite or petroleum coke) in the carbide furnace, produce calcium carbide by the reaction of arc melting in high temperature.

Simple operation process diagram