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Brown Fused Alumina Furnace

Brown fused alumina furnace 

The brown fused alumina is a kind of crystallized brown molten mass made by three materials of high aluminous agglomerates, carbon material and iron scrap which are evenly fed into electric arc furnace to be high temperature melted and impurity reduced after cooling, its main content is aluminium oxide which content is 94.5%—97%

The smelting of brown fused alumina is used the basic principle of oxygen has better affinity than iron, silicon and titanium, because of the reduction agent quantity can be controlled, so main impurity in aluminous agglomerates can be reduced by using reduction smelting method, the reduced impurity will form ferrosilicon which is being separated from fused alumina molten liquid in order to acquire brown fused alumina that alumina content is more than 95% and the crystallization with high quality  

Main usage:

the brown fused alumina furnace is mainly used to melt various corundums, spinel, mullite and other grinding material and refractory materials.




Equipment features:

Semi-closed low hood furnace lid, the furnace lid has the observation device, automatic feed hole, large-cross water cooled cable, hydraulic driving, electrode lifting automatic adjustment, chromium copper electrode clamp material, stainless steel brake clamping, high voltage electric equipment adopts vacuum cabinet which equipped electric degree

detecting and measuring for voltage, current, power. The furnace transformer adopts low loss energy saving transformer, low voltage electric adopts PLC programmable controller to control, the cooling water system has the pressure and water temperature monitoring, sound and light alarm. The advanced and complete centre centralized-control system can achieve integrated production line, smart control and alarm, protection system ensure production line operation safely and reliable, to provide possibility for data management networking for user.


Equipment including:


Furnace body, furnace tilting mechanism, furnace lid, electrode lifting device, short-net system, transformer, water cooling system, hydraulic system, low voltage system, high voltage system, automatic control system etc.