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Sintering Machine

Circular ring type sintering machine

Circular sintering machine is one of advance sintering treatment device with environmental protection and energy saving integrated that can sinter iron ore, nickel ore and rich manganese slag and other metal contained ore and industrial raw material, which can complete a sintering process from the raw material to the sinter ore. The circular sintering machine adopts level rotation arrangement, the grate structure is directly mounted on the circular air box, which is removed the idle stroke, equipment utilization rate and air leakage rate are enhanced and reduced greatly which made circular sintering machine become an ideal product replacing of continuous strand sinter machine. The production practices has proved that circular sintering machine has the features of low investment, high efficiency, low air leakage rate, good sinter ore quality etc. 

Application scope:

It is suitable for middle and small scale production line of blast furnace pig iron smelting, ferronickel smelting, rich manganese slag smelting and other industrial raw material sintering treatment. The sintering area of this machine is between 18m2 to 350m2, we can design and build the sintering plant as per production scale and onsite conditions of user, daily production of dry ore is 300-6000ton, the final sinter ore moisture is less than 1%, material discharging temperature can be controlled at 150-600  which can realize the hot charging to submerged arc furnace.

Performance characteristics

1. It is integrated with material batching automation, material mixing, sintering, crushing, air cooling continuously working, each link is connected closely and continuously which are made production efficient, labor saving and energy reducing.

2. The material batching adopts disc feeder which makes various raw material mix as per proportionally, and meets the basicity level requirement from the blast furnace. 

3. The material mixture adopts combination of primary mixture and secondary mixture; the reasonable rotation speed can be made mixed material evenly and the formed particle will have a good ventilation during sintering, the sintering speed is fast. 

 4. The sintering machine is circular type with features of small volume, compact structure, continuous working, and high productivity. Especially coal gas is used to ignite for burning that will perform energy reutilization and reduce production cost.

5. The close connecting between material crushing and sintering machine can save the transportation time and cost. 

6. The circular ring machine structure is simple, operation is reliable, equipment working rate can be reached over 90%, the utilization factor can be reached at 1.8-2.0t/m2·h.  




Technical process

The low grade ore, rich fines, returned material, fuel, solvent can be mixed as per different proportions, and then they will be sent to cylindrical mixer for secondary mixing and pelletizing, and then sent to sintering machine feeder bunker to complete the material feeding works. The mixed material will be distributed on sintering machine disc pallet for ignition, to start air draft and sintering from the sintering machine head when material distributed well, it will be crushed by two roller crusher when moving to machine rear (disc tail end). Then it will slid down through hopper to vibrating screen at lower layer platform for screening, the sintered ore which is larger than 5mm will slid down through chute to ore storage channel for blast furnace using, if the powder ore which is less than 5mm will be batched again through batching conveyor belt. The flue gas generated during the process of sintering will be carried out three times dust removing through primary gravitational dedusting, secondary double cyclone dedusting, and bag type dedusting (small dust that capturing grain size is larger than 3 micron), the dedusting efficiency is more than 99%, flue gas will be discharged to open air when its extracted to stack and dust removed through water curtain.   





Continuous Strand Sinter Machine

1. Continuous Strand Sinter Machine application

continuous strand sinter machine (belt-type sinterer) is main equipment in the metallurgical sintering plant, it is applicable for ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal sintering, the different contents of concentrate fines, richer fine ores, nickel, chrome, manganese ore and raw material with different particle size will be sintered to briquette and internal harmful impurity of sulphur, phosphorus and others will be removed, it is the indispensable equipment in smelting and will be using in blast furnace and electric furnace smelting when sintering completed. 

2. Technical process

The sintering machine incorporates the enclosing rail laid on the steel structure and a series of continuously moving sintering pellet cars on rail. Firstly the auxiliary bottom material (10-20mm) from the sintering ore will be loaded on the pellet car in order to protect pellet car grate and reduce waste gas ash content, and then use the material distributor to feed the mixtures on pellet car and keep a certain height, and then ventilate air and ignite for sintering, along with pellet car moving, the sintering material layer surface is continuously dropping, the sintering is completed when machine moving to rear, the pellet car overturns and dumps sinter cake. The empty pellet car runs along with lower rail to sintering machine head, reload the material for ignition and sintering, it is the circulation like this way. The sinter cake will be sent to cooling after going through crushing and screening. The waste gas pumping from material layer through main air pipeline under pellet car and dedusting equipment will be discharged from stack.    

Continuous Strand Sinter Machine composition

The continuous strand sinter machine mainly has sintering pallet car, two ends gears, head and tail, rear sealing, flexible transmission device, mixture hopper and auxiliary devices, and frame structure, tail moving mechanism, ignition device, air bellows, multi-roller material distributor, flue dust remover, grease lubricating system and others.   





The main structure characteristic

The continuous strand sinter is the sintering machinery that comprising the mixture material pallet of head and rear star wheel driven and igniting and air drafting equipped, the pallet head will be charged and ignited and rear part will be unloaded. Through draft fan ventilating and combustion-supporting, the mixed material will be well burnt to generate sinter ore from the top to bottom within the effective sintering length. A plenty of sulphur in the ore will be removed during sintering, the sinter ore of being sintered in the continuous strand sinter machine has the features of high productivity, high quality, highly yield, low energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance and long service life, which also has an important significance in metallurgical enterprise environmental protection.