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Ferronickel Furnace

Ferronickel’s main ingredients are nickel and iron, also contains Dr, Si, S, P, D and other impurity element. According to the international standard (ISO), based on the nickel contents, it divide to FeNi20 (Ni 15%~25%), FeNi30 (Ni 25%~35%), FeNi40 (Ni 35%~45%) and FeNi50 (Ni 45%~60%).?And also based carbon contents, it divide to HC ( C 1.0%~2.5%), MC (C0.030%~1.0%) and LC (C <0.03%). Based on phosphorus contents, it divides to LP (P <0.02%) and HP (P <0.030%)

The biggest application of Ferronickel is for stainless steel production material as substitute of Nickel. Generally the 200 series of stainless steel can directly use low grade ferronickel and the 300 series of stainless steel can use taste higher grade than 8% ferronickel.

Simple operation process diagram