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Ferrosilicon Furnace


Ferrosilicon alloy---main application

Ferrosilicon is an indispensable deoxidizer in the steel industry. Ferrosilicon is used for precipitation deoxidationand diffused deoxidation in steelmaking. Ferrosilicon is also used as an alloying agent in steelmaking. Add a certain amount of silicon into the steel can significantly improve the strength of steel, hardness and elasticity. Enhance the magnetic permeability of the steel, to reduce the hyteresis loss of the transformer steel.

Generally the steel contain 0.15%~0.35% silicon. The structural steel contains 0.40%~1.75% silicon. The tool steel contains 0.30%~1.80% silicon. The spring steel contain 0.40~2.80% silicon. The stainless acid resistant steel contains 3.40%~4.00% silicon. The heat-resistant steel contain 1.00%~3.00% silicon. The silicon steel contains 2%~3% silicon or more.

High silicon ferrosilicon or silicon alloy is used as the reducing agent of the production of low-carbon ferroalloy industry. Add ferrosilicon into cast iron can be as incubater of ductile iron, to prevent carbide formation, to promote the graphite separate out and balling, to improve the property of cast iron.

In addition, ferrosilicon powder in the beneficiation industry can be used as the suspended phase, in the electrode manufacturing industry can be used coatings for welding rod. High silicon ferrosilicon in the electrical industry can be used for the preparation of semiconductor, in the chemical industry can be used for the manufacture of silicone and etc.

In the steel industry, to produce 1ton steel need consumes about 3~5kg 75% grade ferrosilicon.


Ferrous Silicon alloy--Grade & Chemical composition



Ferrosilicon production processIn the production of ferroalloy, mostly rely on metal oxides ore reduction. This reduction need under higher temperature conditions, and consumes a lot of energy to achieve. As major equipment for of ferroalloy production, electric furnace must be efficient, energy-saving, has high utilization rate and etc.

Our company, based on many years’ experiences in steel making furnace manufacturing field, combined with the ferroalloy furnace production process characteristics, aiming at different ferroalloy species on the design of furnace type, make sure the appropriate furnace size, masonry technique, to ensure the furnace heat in high efficiency, and make the electricity energy inside furnace to convert into heat energy.

On the design of short net, with reference to national ferroalloy industry conferences related to new ideas and the corresponding parameters for different furnace design, under the condition of meet adequate current carrying capacity then reduce the resistance, reactance of the short net as much as possible , and increase the connection clamping force of short network. Strength the insulation reliability and reduce the accident rate. We provide technical support for the operation of the complete equipment.

Be aimed at the characteristics of silicon ferroalloy furnace’s installation, our company has stringent requirements for on-site construction management, on-site staff quality training aspects in the phase of raw materials purchasing, organize in careful to ensure the quality of the project.

The requirements of raw-material for production of ferrosilicon production Silica: The content of SiO should be not less than 96%, formation of slag impurities(AlO, MgO, CaO, etc) quantity should as small as possible, the content of PO cannot be more than 0.02%, should not contain clay impurities, the adsorption content should not be more than 5%, sufficient mechanical strength. Coke: should drying, sieving, particle size is 8-25mm, the granularity of coke should be screen out.Steel scrap: should be rustless, oil-free, non-cast iron turnings.

Simple operation process diagram