Steelmaking Solutions

A.E. company as a comprehensive solution to the metallurgical industry experts, to provide customers with the overall solution, With a full range of steel design and main equipment manufacturing capabilities.

After continuous cultivation, technology development and engineering practice in the years of exploration, ironmaking, steelmaking and rolling, material preparation, industrial furnace, equipment control system, product sales and system integration engineering professional has gained fruitful results, successfully developed a number of advantages of technology products, a number of national patent or proprietary technology.

Xi'an Abundance  is engaged in the design and supply of various industrial furnaces and their auxiliary equipment. Furnace type includes: Electric Arc Furnace, converter, ladle refining furnace, VD refining furnace, VOD refining furnace and AOD refining furnace, etc.. Ancillary equipment includes: furnace preheating system, feeding system and equipment, dust removal systems and equipment, water cooling systems and equipment, etc..

The short process: Scrap - EAF - LF - (CCM) - casting mill

Intermediate frequency furnace: Scrap - frequency furnace - LF - casting - rolling mill (CCM)

Stainless steel smelting: EAF - AOD - LF - Casting (CCM)

Xi'an Abundance Metallurgical Equipment Co.,Ltd. is committed to the design of a more reasonable solution for customers, saving operating costs. More programs, please consult.