Ferroalloy Solutions

Based on our rich practical experience in the field of ferroalloy smelting and the safe operation records of more than 200  submerged arc furnace around the world,We provide customers with industrial silicon, ferrochrome, ferronickel, ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, silicon-chromium and other ferroalloy smelting, The specifications of submerged arc furnace are 6300KVA, 12500KVA, 16500KVA, 22500KVA, 33000KVA, 55000KVA, 68000KVA and so on,from process design to equipment production, commissioning and installation, and production operations, and have accumulated a reputation that satisfies customers.We provide comprehensive support from the grade of raw materials entering the furnace, raw material sintering, batching system, furnace area equipment (submerged arc furnace, ferroalloy refining furnace, etc.), tapping system, finished product finishing, dust removal system to cooling system, etc. Including engineering consulting; engineering and equipment design; equipment system integration; material and equipment supply; EPC general contracting; process management services and training; project management; production and operation services and other comprehensive services throughout the entire business chain.