Our company provides comprehensive services including engineering consulting; engineering and equipment design; equipment system integration; material and equipment supply; EPC general contracting; process management services and training; project management; and production and operation services.

We have an expert team of more than 60 people and more than 300 engineers and professional technicians in the field of green steelmaking and ferroalloy smelting. With more than 20 years of rich experience, we have metallurgical engineering design qualifications, metal materials engineering design qualifications, Metallurgical engineering construction general contracting qualifications, environmental protection engineering construction general contracting qualifications, steel structure engineering general contracting qualifications, building engineering construction general contracting qualifications, electric power engineering construction general contracting qualifications, mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering qualifications, etc. And passed the quality management system ISO9001 certification.

Steel smelting EPC

Drawing on thirty years of experience in designing, installing, commissioning  steel equipment around the world, our expert engineers are able to identify plant performance improvement potential during performance checks and propose optimized processes and solutions for different raw material conditions and steel types. Detailed plans for improving equipment. By taking these measures, steel companies can ensure that their plants consistently produce high-quality products and remain cost-effective.

Our professional skills cover all aspects of steelmaking technology and can quickly provide support for  Electric arc furnace, Ladle Refining Furnace, AOD furnace, BOF furnace, VD, VOD furnace, scrap continuous preheating, blast furnaces, environmental protection equipment, etc. Ability to explore improvement potential, reduce production costs, improve product quality, and shorten investment payback period through efficient three-step consultation.

We have the qualifications and capabilities for the design, technology research and development, supply and general engineering contracting of full-process projects in the field of iron and steel metallurgy from raw materials, storage and transportation, batching, ironmaking, steelmaking, refining, etc. We have more than 30 years of engineering experience in the field of iron and steel metallurgy. and performance.