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Petroleum coke calcination project EPC

Petroleum coke calcining system 

Mature petroleum coke calcining equipment manufacturing experience  And project EPC cases,We have more than 10 petroleum coke calcination systems in safe operation around the world, 85% of which are rotary kiln calcination processes.There are more than 20 petroleum coke calcining systems in safe operation in China, 6 of which are EPC projects, and most of them are tank calcining furnace processes.He has more than 20 years of experience in the design, process, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, operation training, and after-sales service of petroleum coke calcination systems.Our equipment prices are highly competitive among global petroleum coke calcination systems.

Petroleum coke calcining technology is divided into rotary kiln calcining technology and tank calcining furnace technology



                                                                                          Petroleum coke calcining rotary kiln technical process flow chart 



                                                                                         Tank type Calcining furnace technology  Flow chart