Water-cooled furnace cover

The furnace roof is an important device for furnace, which may be refractory-lined or water-cooled, and can be shaped as a section of a sphere,or as a frustum (conical section). The roof also supports the refractory material in its centre where one or more graphite electrodes can pass through.

Electric furnace short net

A low voltage and high current circuit system with secondary power supply from electric furnace transformer to electric furnace melting pool. The high current transmission conductor is composed of water-cooled flexible cable, water-cooled conducting cross arm, electrode holder, etc.

Conductive cross arm

Conductive cross armReduce the power consumption by reasonable structure. The temperature will reduced by reasonable structure, so that enough cooling water can reduce the electrical resistance. The strength of arm is promoted by box-type structure, which advantage stabilized arc.

Steel ladle

steel ladle is the container of molten steel, so a rational design is very important.

Water-Cooled Cable

Water cooled cable is used for electric arc furnace, ladle refining furnace, induction furnace, etc.

Pressure ring for submerged arc furnace

Pressure ring for submerged arc furnaceThe submerged arc furnace is made of pressure rings made of copper, stainless steel or a combination of the two. The characteristics, structural form and application of the new double-tightening pressure ring.

Combined holder for submerged arc furnace

The combined holder electrode mainly consists of upper and lower electrode jackets, electrode shells, conductive elements, bottomExternal ring, protective screen, feed tube, electrode hot and cold air device, electrode water path, electrode pressure and release deviceIt is composed of components such as the device, accident clamp, and lifting cylinder.