Titanium slag smelting furnace

Titanium slag smelting technology uses titanium concentrate as raw material and coke as reducing agent to produce high-titanium slag with a titanium slag grade of 85%-92%. Its operation process is continuous feeding, regular slag and iron tapping. The titanium slag smelting electric furnace adopts a fully enclosed furnace type, equipped with a high-temperature gas purification system, the furnace body structure adopts a circular or rectangular shape, and the power supply system adopts AC power supply.

Eelectro slag Refining Furnace(ESR)

Electroslag refining furnace is a kind of special smelting equipment which uses the heat generated by the remelting current to melt the consumable electrode inserted into the slag pool. After the metal melt drops are cleaned by the slag liquid, they crystallize into electroslag ingots in the water-c

Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnace(VAR/RVAR)

Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnace(VAR/RVAR)Product FeaturesThe entire furnace head is designed as a self-supporting structure without any building support;Coaxial conductive design can reduce unnecessary interference of magnetic field;New helium cooling system for crucible;Electromagnetic stirring system (titanium and its alloy);Using efficient

Brown Fused Alumina Furnace

Brown Fused Alumina Furnace Brown fused alumina furnaceThe brown fused alumina is a kind of crystallized brown molten mass made by three materials of high aluminous agglomerates, carbon material and iron scrap which are evenly fed into electric arc furnace to be high temperature melted and impu

White Fused Alumina Furnace

White Fused Alumina Furnace White fused alumina furnaceWhite fused alumina is melted by high temperature which taken Industrial alumina powder as the raw material, the color is white, the hardness is higher than brown fused alumina, tenacity is lower. That can be used to produce gri

Vacuum induction melting furnace

Description and main technical indicators of vacuum induction melting furnace AE-ZK-1.0L periodic vacuum induction melting furnace is mainly used for medium-frequency induction heating of various high-temperature alloys, iron-based, nickel-based alloys, cobalt-based alloys and certain non-ferrous metals and their alloys under vacuum or inert gas protection. Melting, smelting, casting and molding are carried out according to the principle.